How to Encrypt Flash Drive?

How to encrypt a flash drive, external drive or local hard disk drives


Do you want to know how to encrypt flash drive easily? Have a quick look at the post. In today’s world, we have large capacities of files like movies, songs, videos and even images of higher resolution. Even the phones we use have 4K video recording and high-quality images. All of the media files are stored in high capacity hard drives. But to transfer the image files or videos securely, we use a pen drive. If the size of the files is very high, we use an external hard disk.

There are even games and Bluray movies of a very high size which must be transferred by using external hard disk drives or huge capacity pen drives. Small pictures, videos, and word documents can be sent securely through online in many ways. What if the files you carry or transfer are of high importance are lost? You need to encrypt the files with a password to protect from opening them even though someone pilfered it from you.

How to encrypt flash drive?

There are some easy techniques to encrypt the data in your pen drive or external hard disk drive.

1. SanDisk Flash drive by using SanDisk SecureAccess Software –

SanDisk is a flash drive that is mostly used by people in United States of America. The way it gained priority of all the company pen drives is the versatility and security that provides to its customers in an easy way. When you first get a SanDisk pen drive, you will get a software in the pen drive. The software is available for windows users in the most compatible way.


After installing the software, it will ask you to create a password. The picture above clearly shows the window that appears after installing the software and creating a vault. After this, you see the vault in which you can encrypt the complete data you have in the pen drive. You also have an option to lock the complete pen drive.

2. Windows Bit locker –

Windows Bit Locker is another software that helps to lock your pen drive. It is mostly used by windows users to lock their local disks. It is also used to lock the pen drives.


When you right click on the pen drive, you see many options. Once you select “Turn On Bit Locker”, the window in the above picture will be displayed. You can add any type of password you like. You can even use your smart card to unlock your drive. Once you have successfully turned on Bit Locker to your pen drive, you are completely safe to carry the pen drive anywhere. Even if you use it in another personal computer or a laptop, it will ask for a password.

3. Veracrypt –

Many people use the Veracrypt as a pen drive or external hard disk drive encryptor as it an open source utility software. It prevents data leaks and thefts by securing the data in the pen drive by creating encrypted logical volumes or partitions.


Veracrypt can be downloaded from the official website and the link is displayed below-

Download Link

Once you download, extract the files as shown in the above figure. This can be extracted also in the pen drive and can be used from the pen drive. After you extract to the pen drive, when you open it, you see the dialog box that is displayed in the picture below.


You can create an encrypted file container, encrypt a non-system partition or drive and encrypt the system entire partition. Once you complete these steps, you are ready to lock your pen drive. The best advantage of this software is that it can be portable.

There are many specialized software’s like EncryptStick which is also a portable software. It is available in a trial version for 14 days, but after the trial is over, you need to buy it for $14.

The best way of encrypting a Pen drive

The best idea of encrypting a pen drive is by using encrypted drives. You can find many encrypted drives in Amazon, eBay and many other websites. They are also available in stores like Wal-Mart, Best Buy and more. The files and information can be stored in these pen drives and the data gets automatically encrypted. At the beginning, it asks for a password and it will remain your password until you change it. Whenever you use this pen drive, it asks for a password. It may be any computer but it will ask for a password. There are also programs like DiskCryptor, Rohos Mini Drive, File Secure, USB Flash Security and more.

Our data is precious to us. Keep the data safe and have a peace of mind.