Windows 10 Black Screen No Cursor

windows 10 black screen

Windows 10 Black Screen No Cursor is a major issue for windows 10 users. After updating, the Windows is getting turned into a black screen with no cursor. Here are the steps to be taken to solve the Windows 10 Black Screen with No Cursor issue.

Windows 10 Black Screen No Cursor

There are two types of solutions to this problem depending upon the type.

Black Screen Issue after Signing In –

If you see the logon screen and after signing in, you see a black screen with a cursor, try to press CONTROL + SHIFT + ESCAPE.

This will work and you will enter the task manager, try finding LockAppHost.exe in the DETAILS tab which can be seen at the ending of the task.

If this did not work, try using the command prompt by typing CMD in run and try the following commands to create a new administrator account.

net user test <password> /add
net localgroup Administrators test /add

This will provide you a test user to try.

Even if this did not help, try firing the task manager by pressing CONTROL + SHIFT + ESCAPE.

Windows 10 Black Screen No Cursor
Windows 10 Black Screen No Cursor

type explorer.exe and the windows and task bar will appear. Wait for five minutes to make sure that the trick worked.

Alternative –

Enter Safe Boot mode with networking while booting up Windows 10.

Alternative –

Disable Fast start up

Alternative –

Disable or Enable Secure Boot. Try using both the options.

Alternative –

Try removing out the battery and re inserting the battery in to the laptop. If it is a desktop, try removing and plugging in the power supply.

Alternative –

Try to roll back the drivers for display and all other drivers. Or else you can even try updating all the drivers.

Black Screen Issue Before Signing In –

If the screen flickers before sign in screen and nothing appears except the blank screen, then try to connect to a secondary desktop and try again. Connect it to a different output.

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