Basic Commands of Linux

Basic Linux Commands List
Basic Linux Commands List


Basic commands of LINUX

Here you can see the basic commands of Linux that you can use in the GUI terminal.

Firstly ” cd ” command

It means change directory, it will change the directory when you are in the current directory.

when you give the only ” cd ” command in the terminal it will directly take you to the HOME.

If you want to go to some selected directory  int the current directory by this command it will take you to that directory

eg: ” cd Documents/

In the LINUX terminal we have the one flexibility that we can use the TAB key that will help us to automatically it will fill the command and if you press double the key then it will list the files that to fill in the terminal.

cd ..

By this command, it will take you back from your the current directory

cd ~ ” or only ” cd

It also takes you to the HOME directory, where ever you are in the current directory.


From this command, you can go to the selected directory from wherever you are in the current directory.

eg: ” pushd etc/

It will take you to the etc directory.


After you using the pushd command that will take you to selected directory that what you gave in the terminal and the by this command you can come back to the original directory that where you are before pushd command.


it is how to find the file in the system, there is so many bunches of files in the system. If you want to locate a selected file this command will helpful to locate the file.

eg: ” locate Filename ”

this will give the path of the file.


It is the command to switch to the root, this will ask password to access in the root.

More Linux Commands

Sometimes in the LINUX machines the location of the selected file will not be shown, at that time we have to update the database in the terminal but to update the database this will don’t have the enough permissions so we have to switch to root then we have to update.


In the Linux, there is another method that is to use the another command that is ” sudo ” this command is that we are giving the root privileges to do that command from the user account.


It is ” super user do ” it will also ask the root password by giving access only this command will work.

eg: sudo updatedb


This command gives the every this you typed in the terminal, where it give the last 1000 unique command that we used in the terminal frequently.


It is the command that will give the path of the selected file in the system and it is same like the locate command.


It will give the every information of the command after command if you give this help command that will give complete data of that command.

eg:  “ ls –hep


This command also gives the every information of the command. By this command, we can see the every extension of the command. we can easily know that which command we have to use the required information.

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